Thomas Caldwell Insurance

in your corner, at your service

A native of Hartford, Connecticut, Thomas Caldwell was literally born into the insurance business.

Thomas' father had his own insurance agency in the early 1960s before becoming the claims investigator for the City of Hartford. Many of his relatives, friends and the schoolmates he grew up with worked in insurance at one time or another or had parents or siblings in the industry. Thus, Thomas learned from a young age that insurance was an important part of life and a necessary ingredient to any success story.

After having worked as a dedicated agent for two large and prestigious insurance companies, Thomas decided to go the route of the independent. This way he's best able to serve his clients with a much wider variety of insurance products and services that can meet almost any budget and circumstance.

Thomas is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, and is based in the City of Alexandria (just outside of Washington, DC). He's licensed to operate in several states and can serve individual and group clients throughout the country.